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Profit and Loss

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Ritesh Yadav
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Doctors have advised Renu, a chocolate freak, not to take more than 20 chocolates in one day. When she went to the market to buy her daily quota, she found that if she buys chocolates from the market complex she would nave to pay 3 more for the same number of chocolates than she would have spent had she bought them from her uncle Scrooge's shop, getting two sweets less per rupee. She finally decided to get them from Uncle Scrooge's shop paying only in one rupee coins.

Q} How many chocolates did she buy? (a) 12 (b) 9 (c) 18 (d) 15

Posted : 16/04/2021 11:02 am
aashish sapra
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Let n be the number of chocolates she bought.

Price at market = 1/(x-2)

Price at Scrooge's shop = 1/(x)

n/(x-2) = n/(x) + 3

2n = 3x(x-2)

n = 3x(x-2)/2

Now, through hit &trial method, (Just put the value of X starting from 1, then 2, 3 as so on…& you will find after putting x=4 it will calculate & comes as 12) n=12

Posted : 14/05/2021 5:21 pm
Rahul Singh
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Posted : 10/06/2021 2:08 am